Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Public Diplomacy Council Book Launch: Nontraditional U.S. Public Diplomacy: Past, Present, and Future

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On Monday, January 9, 2017, the Public Diplomacy Council will launch the publication of Nontraditional U.S. Public Diplomacy: Past, Present, and Future with a panel discussion at 12 noon at the American Foreign Service Association, 2101 E Street, NW, Washington, DC (Foggy Bottom Metro). The panel will consider the edited volume’s historical and forward-leaning insights for the new and continuing actors in U.S. diplomacy’s expanding public dimension. 
This volume showcases key innovations and lessons in U.S. diplomacy since World War One. It delivers to practitioners, analysts, students, and others compelling engagement strategies and primary research for shaping and communicating policy among increasingly diverse, collaborative, and powerful publics. Eleven authors representing a variety of public diplomacy specialties, geographies, and sectors offer timely insights for new and seasoned readers of global relations. Chapter topics range from defining the craft, to transnational applied cultural networks, to engagement with religious communities, to strategic communication during the Iraq and Afghan wars, cutting-edge science diplomacy, international education using social media and MOOCs, and much more. 
Rob Albro and Debbie Trent, who have contributed chapters to the volume and been serving on the book project committee, will be on the panel along with Cynthia Efird. Her ambassadorial experience and current work at Georgetown and for the council will offer comparably "outside" perspective. Several of the nine other book contributors will be present at the panel to take Q&A from the panel and the audience. Author and PDC member Dan Whitman will moderate the discussion.
Following The Last Three Feet: Case Studies in Public Diplomacy (2014, 2d ed.), Nontraditional U.S. Public Diplomacy is the fifth book in the Public Diplomacy Council Series. Contributors are: Anthony C. E. Quainton, John Brown, Dick Virden, Carol Balassa, Robert Albro, Peter Kovach, Helle C. Dale, Deborah L. Trent (editor), Craig Hayden, Jong-on Hahm, and Brian E. Carlson. 

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