Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Senate Panel Votes to Advance Rex Tillerson's Confirmation as Secretary of State

Joe Perticone, ijr.com

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The advancement of Tillerson's nomination came after skeptical Republicans vowed to support him. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was the last to pledge support for Tillerson, doing so just hours prior to the vote.

Afterward, Rubio told reporters that his concerns about Tillerson “were alleviated by our conversations,” but that “some are an open question because he doesn’t have a record of public diplomacy.” Rubio added:

“But I weighed those with a number of other issues. It was a close call but I believe the choice I made was the right one.”

“The one I stated that has really come to light is with the incredible amount of uncertainty in the world about the direction of America’s foreign policy, I think it would be damaging to our national interest to have a protracted — unnecessarily protracted and controversial — secretary of state nomination,” Rubio said. “At this point, I think it’s important to have that position filled and to ensure that we can get to work and just in the last few days.” ...

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