Thursday, March 2, 2017

Fond farewell for outgoing Turkish ambassador

Anand Holla,

Image from article, with caption: Ambassador Ahmet Demirok giving his speech before the cake-cutting ceremony.

At a farewell gathering befitting his eventful tenure in Qatar as the ambassador of Turkey, Ahmet Demirok lauded the visionary leadership of the State of Qatar and Qatar’s prime role in working towards ushering in a peaceful solution in the region. ...
Explaining that the 500-year-old history shared by Qatar and Turkey is at the heart of the cultural fascination shared between the two nations, Demirok had said, “Arabs and Turks are not different people. We have a common history and we share the same religion of Islam. Our cultures are more or less the same, our attires are different. But unfortunately, after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, there was a disruption in Turkey’s relations with the Middle Eastern countries. Now, as public diplomacy has assumed great importance in promoting one’s country, Turkey is carrying it out wonderfully well. Qataris are really nice, modest people, who know how to treasure their tradition, which is important.”

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