Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How to become a paid python killer (also known as "public diplomacy officer") ... :)

John Brown shared a link; see also. [JB - Hope the irony/dubious humor of this entry is appreciated, or at least tolerated :)]
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The pythons that have been taking over the Everglades may finally have an actual predator: a group of 25 Floridians paid by a state agency to kill them.
Comment [JB comment -- we do need humor in our overly serious world] 
John Brown Please forward to young, idealistic persons interested in having a career in "public diplomacy," they of course hoping to get an "advanced" degree "preparing" them for this kind of work -- profession is too strong a word -- from a higher USA learnery, for which they [or their family] have to shell out thousands of dollars [see again].) 
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My humble advice for a bright young American seeking "training" to be a "pubic [ok, no typo] diplomacy" officer (sans "higher" education fees) : "Fall in love (pretend to fall in love?) with someone who doesn't speak English. Repeat: WHO DOESN'T SPEAK ENGLISH." (At the risk of immoral linguistic/cultural exploitation on your part).

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