Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Worst Six Public Diplomacy Ideas I Ever Heard Of (via Facebook; posted here with his kind ok)

George Clack
The Worst Six Public Diplomacy Ideas I Ever Heard Of
1. Donald Trump tweeting @realDonaldTrump.
2. Two months into the 2003 Iraq War, create a victory pamphlet featuring George Bush in a flight suit on an aircraft carrier giving a thumbs-up to the crowd.
3. Translate the Federalist Papers into Arabic and distribute them widely in Arab countries so these folks can understand democracy.
4. Make a series of public-service TV spots featuring Muslims who say how happy they are living in the USA and ask state-run TV networks in Muslim countries to run them.
5. Turn over the resources to run PD programs in critical countries to Psy Ops units in DOD.
6. Phase out America Illustrated, a magazine distributed to Russians for more than 40 years at an annual cost of $2 million, and give a $10 million USAID contract to a private company to create and distribute print material to Russians on how capitalism and democracy work.

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Jon Beard said...

Yep. Those are some doozers, all right.