Monday, April 10, 2017

Can I use a different job title than the one I applied for?
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[–]blackmushhStudent 5 points  
Absolutely not. Although, at a very basic function that is somewhat what auditors do, it is not appropriate to list your job title as such, especially in public accounting. List your job title as it is known in your workplace as that is what they may ask your employer if they call for a reference and list your duties as you have done so here
[–]prommetheus[S] 1 point  
Well maybe "auditor" isn't a good choice of replacement, but when I first googled this question. I got countless results about articles talking about making sure to use industry-recognized job titles that accurately portray your job responsibilities opposed to specific job titles designated by an individual company or job titles that usually don't identify to your job responsibilities.
I'm not trying to "ignore your advice". I'm just trying to make sure I don't make a mistake and underselling myself is a mistake.

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