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Classic Quotable: Bert Cooper on “Teamwork in Santo Domingo,” 1965

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Thursday, April 6th 2017
The collaboration between the U.S. Information Service in Santo Domingo (USIS/Santo Domingo) and the Army’s 1st Psychological Warfare Battalion during this period was a classic case of successful interagency cooperation in a crisis situation.

Title:                    Teamwork in Santo Domingo

Author:                Bert H. Cooper, Jr.

Date:                     1976

Source:  Ronald De McLaurin, Carl F. Rosenthal, Sarah A. Skillings, et. Al, editors, The Art and Science of Psychological Operations:  Case Studies of Military Applications, Department of the Army Pamphlet 525-7-1, 1976, vol. 1

[The full text of the 3-page article by Bert Cooper of the Congressional Research Service is attached]

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