Sunday, April 2, 2017

March Blog Roundup: The Top 5

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End the month on a high note by reading the most popular blogs for March:
5) Seeking Emotional Truth in Public Diplomacy - CPD Director Jay Wang on the passions and anxieties driving today's political climate.
4) A Golden Age Dawning for Public Diplomacy - "Institutions like USC and its CPD can increasingly provide the three C’s of public diplomacy: Crossroads, conversations, and culture," says Rob Asghar.
3) The Digital Power of Ambassadors - Ilan Manor on the historical relationship between diplomacy and technology, and how it can help a world in crisis.
2) Überman America: The Sinister Soft Power of Trump's Foreign Policy - "Is American soft power destined to henceforth be a malign, destabilizing force in the world?" asks Neal Rosendorf.
1) Public Diplomacy Dies in Darkness - Mark Dillen on the crisis in America's place in the world.
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