Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Public Diplomacy Simulation


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Public Diplomacy Simulation
by American Center in Moscow


The American Center is excited to continue its monthly public diplomacy simulation program allowing you to put your diplomacy skills to the test and work in teams on hypothetical global scenarios. These simulations allow for collaborative learning experiences in which you play the role of a real-life diplomat. You will work in teams and explore the different perspectives of the stakeholders involved in the given scenario (e.g. foreign ministries, NGOs, international organizations). Under time constraints, you and your team members will be challenged to negotiate a peaceful solution to a crisis in the scenario.

Simulations will cover hypothetical scenarios in global crises such as as human refugee migrations, fresh water shortages, international HIV/AIDS epidemic and nuclear energy and national sovereignty. These simulations will be led by AMC volunteer, Max Kushnir, who has years of experience in leading simulation activities.

These simulations are both fun and informative and are an excellent way to learn about global issues and practice your argumentative and critical thinking skills. We invite you to give it a try!

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