Friday, April 7, 2017

University Deans Discuss Future of Public Diplomacy; see also: "Johns Hopkins professor Benjamin Ginsberg described colleges and universities as now being 'filled with armies of functionaries—vice presidents, associate vice presidents, assistant vice presidents, provosts, associate provosts, vice provosts, deans, deanlets, and deanlings [JB emphasis], all of whom command staffers and assistants'"; and also.

From the PDC president: "If you missed Monday's PDC / USC forum with university deans discussing teach IR and public diplomacy, CSpan's TV coverage is posted at and there is an interesting analysis at"

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University Deans Discuss Future of Public Diplomacy
CSPAN April 5, 2017 11:07pm-11:41pm EDT

The deans of three public diplomacy programs -- at American University, Georgetown University, and the University of Southern California -- talked about the academic programs they operated [love the word -- JB comment] and about the future of public diplomacy education in the United States. They also discussed the impacts of various immigration policies on international student recruitment at American universities and colleges.

People: Adam Clayton Powell III
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