The Palestinian Task Force on Public Diplomacy launched a social media campaign this week under the hashtag #Occupationis/الاحتلال_هو#to raise awareness on the realities of the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestine. 
The campaign commemorates the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. 
In a statement to Stepfeed, the organizers of the campaign explained that their "aim is to raise awareness about the occupation and its injustices by humanizing the Palestinian people and their cause in the eyes of the world, through creating a series of narratives encapsulating its impact on people's lives." 
The campaign also aims to celebrate the Palestinian spirit of endurance and resilience. 
To organizers, the most effective way to validate the Palestinian collective experience is through the genuine recounting of individual stories. 
This is why they call on each and every person, who has ever experienced any form of occupation to share their personal story through a video, post or picture posted under the campaign's hashtags via any social media platform available to them. 
People are already sharing their stories via the hashtags and one of the first to respond was none other than Palestinian legislator, activist, and scholar Dr. Hanan Ahsrawi.

Many others are sharing heart-wrenching stories

 not being able to visit your relatives who live 10 minutes away and an hour away without permission from your occupiers

A mother out of answers explaining the horrific scene of soldiers pointing rifles at kids on our way to visit our grannies. 

 growing up thinking checkpoints, the segregation wall, borders, soldiers, etc as part of normal everyday life. It's not.

I can't I build a house on my own land because it's close to a settlement!!!My land was there long before settlements 

 making my family live in complete diaspora between Palestine Jordan Chile USA Australia Canada etc.

 when your land is taken over for the expansion of colonial settlements, denying your right to be free 

 the occupier's attempt to strip me of my dignity & my daily struggle to reassert that dignity 

"Occupation is a crime against humanity."