Monday, June 5, 2017

President Trump Wants Congress to Confirm His Nominees. He Should Appoint More

Phillip Elliott, Time

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The vast federal bureaucracy at this moment is, indeed, largely rudderless as it awaits the political appointees to arrive and start directing the power of the United States government. There’s only so much career government workers can do when told to run on autopilot. ...
[I]t’s worth considering the staffing situation at the State Department. There is no legal advisor, no undersecretary for public diplomacy, no assistant secretary for law enforcement and no assistant secretary to handle the Europe brief. There’s no head of diplomatic security to protect American embassies, a director for foreign missions, or a coordinator for counter-terrorism. Staff in the London embassy could phone the White House or the Deputy Secretary of State—quite the leapfrog over typical channels for cables. ...

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