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Qatar’s Well-Funded Public Diplomacy

[updated 6/10/2017]
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DOHA — Money is a wonderful thing. Qatar has plenty of it and is putting it to use in its expanded public diplomacy. With wealth rather than weaponry, Qatar is becoming a new kind of superpower. ...
 --Philip Seib, University of Southern California Professor of Journalism and Public Diplomacy, "Qatar’s Well-Funded Public Diplomacy,"  (n.d.; [2011]); see also (1) (2) (3); a recent comment by Prof. Seib: "[O]verall, terrorism-related journalism remains episodic and simplistic."

New York Times (6/09/2017)
On Friday afternoon, Mr. Tillerson called for a “calm and thoughtful dialogue” to resolve the deepening dispute among Sunni Muslim states in the Persian Gulf. Barely an hour later, Mr. Trump’s comments were anything but that. He accused Qatar of being a “funder of terror at a very high level” and demanded that the tiny, energy­-rich nation cut off that money flow to rejoin the circle of responsible nations.
“We had a decision to make,” Mr. Trump declared at a Rose Garden news conference with the president of Romania, Klaus Iohannis. “Do we take the easy road or do we take a hard but necessary action?” he said. “We have to stop the funding of terrorism."

Saudi Arabia severs all ties with Qatar, closes off borders, (June 5, 2017); see also.

Saudi Arabia has joined Bahrain in severing all ties with the State of Qatar in the latest developments of Doha’s widening rift with its Gulf neighbors, a statement from Saudi Press Agency has confirmed.

Following news from Bahrain, the decision on Monday followed with news that Saudi Arabia has closed all of its borders with the country, including the land border it shares with Qatar.

Qatari citizens were given 14 days to leave Saudi Arabia following the severing of ties.

EXPLAINER: Reasons why Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt severed ties with Qatar

It comes as no surprise that Saudi Arabia, along with Bahrain, have decided to sever all ties with the State of Qatar, given Doha’s policies in supporting terrorist groups be it in Yemen or in Syria,” Jaser al-Jaser told Al Arabiya.

"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken this decision as a result of the serious and systematic violations committed by the authorities in Doha over the past years with the aim of creating strife among Saudi internal ranks, undermining its sovereignty and embracing various terrorist and sectarian groups aimed at destabilizing the region," a statement on Saudi Press Agency read.

Among the extremist groups Saudi Arabia accused Qatar of supporting and harboring were the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and al-Qaeda by means including incitement through its media channels.

“Qatar has also supported the activities of the Iranian-backed terrorist groups in the Qatif province of Saudi Arabia and in neighboring Kingdom of Bahrain. It has also financed, adopted and is harboring extremists who seek to destabilize unity at home and abroad. It has used the media that seeks to fan internal strife. Saudi Arabia has also been made aware that authorities in Doha have supported Houthi militias even after the declaration of the coalition to support the legitimate government in Yemen,” the statement added.

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