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U.S. Embassy in Banjul, the Gambia: Public Diplomacy Grants Program

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Deadline: 1 August 2017
The Public Affairs Section (PAS) of U.S. Embassy in Banjul is seeking applications for its Embassy’s Public Diplomacy Grants Program.
Embassy Public Diplomacy (PD) grants are intended for local representatives of civil society, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), think tanks, and universities, to support exchange between the U.S. and the Gambia with the aim of improving mutual respect and understanding.
PAS will ONLY consider grants that have an American component or aspect in their proposal.  This could include but is not limited to, having an American expert as a speaker, using curriculum developed by a U.S. institution, projecting an American film, or using content and knowledge gained during an exchange program in the United States.
  • Strengthen Democratic Institutions, Support Good Governance, and Advance Human Rights;
  • Promote Economic Development, Support Gambians’ Access to Sufficient and Nutritious Food; and
  • Advance Health, Bolster Education to Enhance Social Welfare.
Funding Information
  • Floor of Individual Award Amounts: $1,000 USD
  • Ceiling of Individual Award Amounts: $25,000 USD
  • Local grant projects generally must be completed in one year or less.
Eligibility Criteria
  • The U.S. Embassy encourages applications from all sectors: committed and organized civil-society organizations, private sector companies, local representatives of civil society, think tanks, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and individuals.
  • Applicants are encouraged to provide cost-sharing from additional sources in support of their projects.
  • The U.S. Embassy also encourages projects that use highly skilled volunteers as an element of cost-sharing.
  • Applications should explain clearly other likely sources of funding or in-kind contributions.
How to Apply
Proposals should be submitted via email at the address given on the website.
Eligible Country: The Gambia
For more information, please visit U.S. Embassy in Banjul.

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