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Watch: NATO launches #WeAreNATO campaign

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NATO has announced details of the first branded communications campaign from
the Western military alliance in nearly a decade.

The campaign, spearheaded by London­-based PR agency MHP and Agenda, a
corporate comms agency based in Washington, uses the slogan #WeAreNATO.

The brief was to develop a campaign to improve understanding of the organisation and
its values among citizens of member countries. #WeAreNATO focuses on the benefits
of solidarity between NATO allies, and the role the alliance plays in maintaining

The agencies, which signed a five­-year deal to work with NATO in 2015, produced a
toolkit of guidelines for member nations around areas such as print artwork, digital
templates, images and photography, and also offered guidance on how to run a
campaign. The countries could adapt the messages and techniques to their specific

"Success relied on the toolkit being owned and adapted by each member state, giving
them to freedom to conduct their own research and produce the appropriate materials
that would resonate with their audience," said Gary Neale, head of design at MHP.

The video below has been put together by Agenda: #WeAreNATO

Tacan Ildem, NATO’s assistant secretary general for public diplomacy, said: "It’s crucial
that all our citizens – particularly young people who have grown up in times of peace –
understand what NATO is and what we do.

"Our continued success depends on our citizens understanding the essential role that
NATO plays in our security, on which our prosperity is based. We will remain fully
transparent and proactive in explaining our essential work to the outside world."

The campaign had its formal launch at the meeting of NATO heads of state and
government on 25 May in Brussels.

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