Friday, August 4, 2017

Cordoba, Madrid and Foreign Ministry owe 300,000 euros to Casa Árabe

casa arabe casa mudejar

The Mudéjar House in Cordoba / Photo: Casa Árabe

The Diplomat. 04/08/2017

The City of Cordoba, the Community of Madrid and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs owe € 302,500 to Casa Árabe related to the monetary contributions committed to management expenses, as revealed in the summary of the 2016 annual accounts of Casa Árabe Consortium and the attached audit report, published wednesday by the BOE.

The City of Córdoba has an accumulated debt of 179,508 euros corresponding to the years 2010 (49,008), 2011 (30,500) and 2013 (100,000). Cordoba has hosted since 2011 one of the official headquarters of this institution of public diplomacy, specifically in the Mudéjar House, an architectural complex from the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries located in the Historic Complex of the old Omeya capital.
In addition, the Community of Madrid, where the other official headquarters is located (free of charge by the City Council of the capital for a period of 30 years), owes 30,000 euros to Casa Árabe corresponding to 2013 and another 7,500 euros corresponding to 2016. ... 

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