Sunday, August 13, 2017

Kickback nation

Editorial, Jerusalem Post

Image from article, with caption: Prime Minister Netanyahu, Tzachi Braverman, and Yisrael Katz at security cabinet meeting.

It seems to be the worst of times regarding a cascade of corruption accusations against government ministers from the top down, but it is also the best of times for our nation’s judiciary. It continues to displaying to the world the impartiality and efficiency of our democracy.

There is no other democratic nation whose former prime minister, finance minister, interior minister – and not to forget former president and former chief rabbi – have all been sent to prison. While on obvious moral levels this is a shameful record, in terms of what they call public diplomacy it is a rather spectacular example of that familiar, but not often fulfilled, mission of being a light unto the nations. ...


Joanne Munisteri said...
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Anonymous said...

At least their rule of law seems to work better than most countries. They are indicted and go to jail unlike in the USA where major politicians are criminals, don't get indicted, often are pardoned and high profile politicians don't go to jail but get lucrative book and lecture deals. The whistle blowers in the USA however often have been unjustly imprisoned, slandered and have to flee the US. Finger pointing at Israel, really? Look at your own government first. As they say, "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." Is this really part of your diplomatic tactics to put blame on others and not take ownership? Why not praise Israel and Iceland as two countries who are and have been successful in prosecuting even at the highest levels of business and government.