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Thread: A Call for Public Diplomacy

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Thread: A Call for Public Diplomacy
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A Call for Public Diplomacy

No one in the top trusts anyone else, and obviously for good reason. Any agreement becomes worthless somewhere around the midpoint of each age, and often before that. Once it goes south, the rest of us have to watch as both sides describe completely different agreements and spin stories about why either the agreement didn't prevent what happened or whatever happened was excusable.

So why not post them as a public record? If kingdoms are worried about keeping their relations secret so they can scheme more effectively, they could be posted in a depository and one of the terms of the negotiation could be the date on which the agreements become public.

I guess it wouldn't work since no one can trust anyone else not to leak the agreements. If nothing else, kingdoms should draft more detailed agreements rather than the vague chat log or in-game back-and-forth that basically invites hostility.

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