Friday, August 4, 2017

Trump set to endorse bill to eliminate popular green card lottery

Tim Uwakwe,

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The world will have to face the reality of an existence without the Diversity Visa Lottery after U.S President Donald Trump backed a new Senate bill to slash immigration levels.

The Bill known as Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) seeks to remove the visa lottery that has seen over a million people from all over the world especially from Africa and eastern Europe gain U.S citizenship. The proposed bill is one of the campaign promises that Trump made during his campaign and his Republican Party is pushing it through. ...

Carly Goodman, a historian who has written a book about the Diversity Lottery in an interview with however things the abolition of the lottery will affect the USA.

“This programme is pretty powerful public diplomacy for the US that signals its openness and generosity,” she said, noting that many Africans she spoke to for her book viewed the lottery as aid or a gift from America to Africa. The lottery also pays for itself in visa application fees, she noted.

“Its elimination would be very short-sighted,” she said.

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