Thursday, October 5, 2017

[Chinese soft power and public diplomacy]

„..and China can’t buy enough” – watching this short movie on the basics of contemporary public diplomacy from Project Syndicate I realised that I recently saw many articles on Chinese soft power and public diplomacy. One of the main reasons for this plenty is probably the upcoming National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. During the previous one in 2014, Xi Jinping declared that „We should increase China’s soft power, give a good Chinese narrative, and better communicate China’s message to the world”. Now, especially after One Belt, One Road initiative became one of the global headlines, it may be high time some things were summed up and evaluated. This is why many commentators and analysts rush with their own summaries and provide arguments on a big success or a big failure of Chinese public diplomacy endeavours. Here are some references that I found particularly interesting: And for the Polish langueage speakers a great piece from Maksym Gdanski of the Centre on Polish-Asian Studies:

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