Tuesday, October 3, 2017

GDMO launches first communication programme for members of the Dubai Media Diplomacy and Communication Network


Strategic Communication Program delivered in partnership with the Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA)

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The Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO) today launched the first communication programme for members of the Dubai Media Diplomacy and Communication Network. The ‘Strategic Communication Program’ is being delivered in partnership with the Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA).

The fast track Strategic Communication Program, offered exclusively to members of the Network, is designed to support the development of upcoming communication leaders in Dubai. The course offers an in-depth understanding of global communication practices and advanced strategic skills for positioning Dubai as a leading global city.

Launched in March this year, the Dubai Media Diplomacy and Communication Network is an initiative led by the Government of Dubai Media Office that creates a platform for communication officials in government and semi-government organisations, which are stakeholders in Dubai’s global communications, to share information and best practices.

HE Mona Al Marri, Director General of the Government of Dubai Media Office said: “The Government of Dubai Media Office is pleased to partner with the Emirates Diplomatic Academy to offer an advanced strategic programme that can support the development of Dubai’s emerging communication leaders. Effective communication is a vital enabler of excellence, growth and development. Programmes like this that impart knowledge of global communication best practices will help our upcoming leaders develop new models and approaches that further build on current expertise. It will also enable them to create new communication strategies relevant to our unique needs that can support the vision of our leadership. This Program represents a strong combination of global understanding and local expertise that will help accelerate the development of talent and capabilities.” She told the participating communication leaders that as ambassadors of the UAE they should work to maintain the image of the country and promote its unique values, approach and aspirations. 

The first in a series of events being developed for the Dubai Media Diplomacy and Communication Network, the Strategic Communication Program will impart actionable expertise that can be used to enhance an organisation’s communication strategies and proactively manage global media challenges. The course is heavily focused on helping upcoming leaders gain practical skills through simulations, interactive role plays and Q&As.

Renowned experts with extensive experience in international relations and communications will deliver the Program. Instructors include Bernardino Leon, President, EDA; Tom Fletcher, former UK Ambassador to Lebanon and author of ‘Naked Diplomacy’; Paulo Portas, former Deputy Prime Minister of Portugal; and Mishaal Gergawi, Managing Director of Delma.

Bernardino Leon, President of the Emirates Diplomatic Academy said: “The Strategic Communication Program is yet another product of the fruitful partnership between the Government of Dubai Media Office and the Emirates Diplomatic Academy. The experts delivering the programme have a considerable wealth of experience and expertise that will immensely benefit the emerging communication leaders participating in the course. Apart from creating a great opportunity for learning, the Program will also foster greater dialogue and exchange of knowledge and ideas between local and international communication leaders. I look forward to the rich discussions and ideas that this Program will bring forth.”

Addressing the members of the Network who are participating in the Program, Leon further said that at a time when trust indexes in many countries of the world are showing a downward trend, trust in the leadership is very strong in the UAE, which gives an “incredible lesson” for the world. He said that trust along with authenticity are the two communication values that stand out in his long experience of political communication.

One of Leon’s key tips for the participants was to make communication a conversation and not look at it as a unilateral process. He said that communication officials should be able to work well in an environment of complexity and develop the skills to explain complexity in a simple way. He also reminded participants that communication is a global game. What happens in Dubai is instantly known in other parts of the world, and communication officials have to think about messages that will work everywhere in the world. He also called on communication teams to not just be involved in putting out the message but also be part of the strategy. Teams have to be “super-trained” for this, he said.

Speaking at the beginning of the Program, Tom Fletcher, former UK Ambassador to Lebanon and author of ‘Naked Diplomacy’ said that the course will be a highly interactive session where “we will be learning from each other.” “We need to find new models for communication,” he told Dubai’s upcoming communication leaders gathered attending the Program. 

The Strategic Communication Program features five classes held once per week, running from 3 October to 31 October, 2017.

Topics addressed in the Program include Digital Transformation, Interaction with International Media, Crisis Management, the Art of Political Communication, and Culture and Communication. A detailed simulation of a real-life communications crisis will be held during the programme to support learning objectives.

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