Sunday, November 12, 2017

INTR12-208: Public Diplomacy and Social Media


This subject centres on the increasing significance of public audiences, social media and transnational networks in global politics. It draws on multidisciplinary perspectives to consider the challenges and opportunities that public diplomacy and social media pose to the post 9/11 globalised environment. Through this subject, students will explore how governments, international organisations, and civil society participate through new media and network approaches to negotiate and access power in the 21st Century and how new media and emerging networks are shaping international policy dynamics, deliberations and outcomes. Key topics addressed include: impacts of social media on civil society; social movements and transnational identities; social media, public opinion and political participation, social media, strategic and crisis communications; and the emergence of collaborative relationships and sustainable networks in contemporary diplomacy. ...

Learning outcomes
1. Demonstrated understanding of public diplomacy as a tool for shaping public perceptions and influencing international policy.
2. Demonstrated awareness of the role of public audiences and the impact of social media in global politics.
3. Demonstrated ability to communicate complex and innovative ideas and arguments in written and oral form.
4. An ability to engage collaboratively and professionally within a team. ...

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