Friday, November 10, 2017

Public Diplomacy from the Heartland


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The reason I came to the Public Diplomacy from the Heartland seminar is for obvious reasons, I am a college student in a class that I am trying to earn an A in. I had no idea what Public Diplomacy from the Heartland even meant until they began talking about wanting students to get out into the world and make connections, which has always been a passion of mine.
Right away, coming to this seminar made me feel empowered. First of all, the turn out was weak. I am not going to sugar coat it, there were few people and of those people, few students. That, right there, made me feel accomplished. It felt as if I were going above and beyond to reach my goals. Right now my goal may be to get an A in my class but eventually, my goal will be to be the best journalist, or possibly editor, that I can be. I hope to always be going above and beyond my peers.
Beginning the presentation was Mr. Jacob Poushler who showed various graphs of data on the international relationships that the U.S. shares. It was fascinating to see the changes and how much our Presidential elections matters to the rest of the world. This opened my eyes to the fact that everything we do effects everyone else and vice versa.
Overall, the presentation was very beneficial for my political and global views and how it ties into journalism. I have learned that sitting in an auditorium can actually be interesting and I will definitely be trying it more often. Next time you have an opportunity to listen to some important topic, whether you’ve ever heard of it or not, go because listening to something new opens your mind to doors you’ve never noticed were there.

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