Thursday, November 9, 2017

Public diplomacy portraying the true image of Eritrea

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Asmara, 09 November 2017- Eritrean nationals residing in Austria, the UK, Sweden, Denmark and Kuwait conducted public diplomacy activities with a view to portray the true image of their country and to reinforce organizational capacity.

According to report, the Permanent Mission of Eritrea to the United Nations in Geneva hosted a panel discussion on “Beyond Refugee Crisis and Human Tracking Perspectives for the Youth in the Horn of Africa with a special Focus on Eritrea” on 3 November in Geneva, Austria. The panel discussion was attended by diplomats, investors and invited guests from different countries.

The First Secretary at the Eritrean Embassy in the UN in Geneva, Mr. Adem Osman gave extensive briefing on Eritrea’s experience during the last six years, the indifference of the international community on the Eritrea Ethiopia boarder issue and the illegal occupation of Eritrea’s sovereign territories, Eritrea’s policy in international cooperation as well as on the parallel duty of the Government and people of Eritrea in  realizing sustainable economic development and protecting the national sovereignty.

Likewise, as part of the initiative the Eritrean professionals residing in the UK are taking to strengthen participation in the national development programs, a discussion forum was organized on 4 November in London.

The objective of the forum was to identify the opportunities and challenges in the national development endeavors and especially in the education sector and to establish practical and formal links with institutions in Eritrea.

In the same vein, the YPFDJ branch in Sweden held its congress under the theme “Building Professional and Conscious Youth”.  The congress was attended by youth from 18 cities in Sweden, members of the Eritrean Embassy and representatives of national associations.

At the conference briefing was provided as regards nurturing professional and conscious society with special attention to the youth, the role of the youth in the national development programs, the significance of strengthening organizational capacity as well as other issues of interest to the youth.

The participants adopted resolutions and recommendations including to augment their understanding on the objective situation in the homeland, to defiantly engage against any hostilities being committed against Eritrea as well as enhancing the knowledge and priority of the organization.

The Eritrean nationals residing in the Swedish cities of Skara, Lidkoping, Copenhagen and Oslo also held public diplomacy activities from 29 October to 5 November.

At the events briefings were provided regarding the integrated engagement of the government and the Eritrean people in foiling the external conspiracies against the homeland as well as on the significance of strengthening organizational capacity.

The National Union of Eritrean Women branch in Kuwait also conducted a seminar for the Eritrean nationals residing in that country on the objective situation in the homeland and the role of nationals in the national development drives.

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