Friday, June 29, 2018

Azerbaijan: A Global Partner In Defense Of Peace And Prosperity – OpEd

Peter Tase,

Image from, with caption: All fluid folds, the curving Heydar Aliyev Center is named for Azerbaijan's third president–and has won awards for its starchitect, the late Zaha Hadid. An airy light-filled interior houses a museum of Azeri history, art exhibits, collections of dolls and vintage, cars and a café.

Azerbaijan’s indispensable role in peace – building missions has been remarkable and its public diplomacy [JB emphasis] strategy has fostered great levels of inter-religious tolerance, preserved multiculturalism and has strengthened good governance paired with its pragmatic production economy strategy.

The Azerbaijani Head of State, Ilham Aliyev has aligned his country among those who support the west and strengthened economic, commercial and defense cooperation with E.U. member countries (Italy and Germany), while maintaining a strong sense of national independence.

Washington and Brussels are aware that Azerbaijan has a strategic proximity with Iran and Russia; nonetheless these two global actors have failed to bring peace and stability in the Caucasus, in addition to ensuring the full territorial sovereignty of Azerbaijan and further contain Armenian terrorism. Baku has energetically contributed towards a more peaceful and secure world; while EU’s myopia ignores the threat of Armenian terrorism at the shores of the old continent. ...

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