Friday, June 29, 2018

Judith Mudd-Krijgelmans Releases 'Flowers for Brother Mudd'

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Judith Mudd-Krijgelmans Releases 'Flowers for Brother Mudd' Judith Mudd-Krijgelmans marks her publishing debut with the release of "Flowers for Brother Mudd: One Woman's Path from Jim Crow to Career Diplomat" (published by Xlibris). This memoir charts her story of breaking out of the life expected of her as a Catholic in a racially segregated community. ...
Mudd-Krijgelmans' story is one of hope and resilience based on faith and love. Through grade and high school, college and graduate school, living in India and in an assortment of jobs, she keeps her mind on achieving her dream of becoming a career diplomat and succeeds. The book also tells the life of her family, especially her father, Brother Mudd, who was essential to her keeping faith with her high standards and goal of making something of herself.

"My story shows how a disadvantaged minority can grow up with optimism and determination to contribute to her country. The book will appeal to readers who want to reach a goal but can't see how they will attain it," Mudd-Krijgelmans shares. "On reading my book, I hope people will be empowered to keep striving to achieve their dreams." ...

About the Author
Judith Mudd-Krijgelmans fulfilled her dream of working in the foreign service, in New Delhi, Mumbai, Dhaka, Taipei, Hong Kong, Brussels, Libreville, Bujumbura and Brazzaville. From Washington, she supported civic education in South Africa, and she led public diplomacy [JB emphasis] in eight French-speaking African countries. Lauded for outstanding achievement of U.S. interests, since leaving the foreign service, she leads memoir courses in Northern Virginia where she lives with her husband, Belgian writer Claude Krijgelmans. To know more about Mudd-Krijgelmans, readers can visit ...

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