Monday, October 26, 2015

Rules of Access -- American Center Moscow

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We’re excited to announce that the American Center Moscow has a new home at the U.S. Embassy! Our new address is:
American Center
U.S. Embassy, Novinskiy Blvd., 21, Moscow, 123242
Entrance through the American Citizen Services Archway
Tel: 8 (495) 728-5243
e-mail: ...
Rules of Access
· Entry to the U.S. Embassy, where the American Center is located, requires a valid passport or driver’s license.
· No cameras, cell phones, computers, or other electronic equipment are allowed on the U.S. Embassy grounds. Cell phones smaller than 3 cm X 13 cm X 6 cm can be left at the security gate. No other electronic items can be stored at the gate – please do not bring them with you.
· For the events in the Consular waiting hall, do not bring any electronics, flammable items (including perfume and other sprays), backpacks, suitcases, or other large bags, as they are not permitted and there is no room to store these items.
[JB comment -- Congrats to the American Center staff for tactfully and diplomatically avoiding to mention knives, guns, grenades ... ]

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