Sunday, October 25, 2015

The right decision

Dan Margalit,

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If everyone involved in the eternal conflict over the Temple Mount was on board with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's latest initiative, the current wave of Palestinian terrorism would come to an immediate halt. ...
On Saturday, Kerry praised a proposal to install round-the-clock video surveillance on every corner of the Temple Mount compound. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was right to accept this proposal. In fact, he should have suggested it first. Perhaps it is more palatable to the Palestinians when whispered in Arabic to an English speaker.
The surveillance cameras will clearly demonstrate who violates the rules and who betrays the trust and who remains in the mosques in the dark of night plotting to throw stones at visitors the following morning. They will also reveal which Jews go back on their promise not to pray. ...
In order for Kerry's initiative to really work, the rival sides need to agree on a wide range of shared interests, and really mean it. Israel also needs to prepare an extensive contingency public diplomacy campaign in the event that the Palestinian Authority and/or the Islamic Movement decide to sabotage the calm.

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