Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Student Loan Payments Increase a Little

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The Department of State (DOS) continued its use of student loan repayments in CY 2014, providing more than $11.1 million in student loan repayment benefits to 1,415 employees. Of the CY 2014 recipients, 713 were in civil service positions and 702 were members of the Foreign Service. DOS offered a lump-sum payment of $8,000 or the outstanding loan amount if it was less than $8,000 and greater than $5,000. An eligible DOS employee must have a loan balance of $5,000 or greater in order to receive student loan repayments. DOS provided the most student loan repayments to employees in the civil service positions of Foreign Affairs (244), Passport and Visa Examiner (110), and Management and Program Analysis (109), and members of the Foreign Service serving in Political Affairs (119), Public Diplomacy (116), and Economics (97) positions. ...

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