Friday, March 17, 2017

European Journal of American Studies: Vol 12, no 1 | 2017 : Spring 2017: Special Issue - Eleanor Roosevelt and Diplomacy in the Public Interest
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Dario Fazzi, Conclusion: Eleanor Roosevelt and Her Transatlantic Quest for Equality and Freedom

The overt aim of this collection has been to provide a preliminary account of Eleanor Roosevelt’s multifaceted attempts to reshape the image of the United States abroad, her foreign entanglements, and, in particular, her formal and informal interactions with Europe. In dealing with such an ambitious goal, all the contributors have pointed out that one of Mrs. Roosevelt's main (public) diplomacy efforts was to translate the old demands of a certain American liberalism – i.e. internationalism, multilateralism, fair cooperation among the nations, and so on – into an effective and mutually enriching transnational, namely transatlantic, exchange. ...

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