Saturday, October 21, 2017

Global Perspective on Public Diplomacy - course at American University, Washington, D.C.

Global Persp on Pub Diplomacy

T       05:30PM 08:00PM  TBA  TBA    01/16/18 05/08/18

Global Perspective on Public Diplomacy (3) This course provides an introduction to the conceptual and theoretical foundations for public diplomacy programs, new media public diplomacy initiatives, and how media outlets are used by international actors to influence global public opinion. The course covers issues and theories related to soft power, strategic communication, and media-based international relations. It reviews contemporary debates on U.S. public diplomacy and the public diplomacy initiatives of other nation-states and non-state actors. The course is a comprehensive inquiry into assumptions that continue to justify and define the evolving range of policies related to public diplomacy and strategic communication. 

Meets with SIS-628 901.
(Meets with SIS 628 901)

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