Sunday, October 29, 2017

Middlebury in Moscow: 40 Yrs!/Middlebury College School in Russia

[JB comment: a notable example of "unofficial" public diplomacy]
From Mark H. Teeter  [on Facebook; posted here with his kind ok] 
ANNIVERSARY TIMES TWO!/ДВОЙНОЙ ЮБИЛЕЙ! Middlebury in Moscow: 40 Yrs!/Middlebury College School in Russia: 20 Yrs! Rah!/Ура!

--> In Russia things are either impossible or miraculous, with the latter including an American college effectively partnering with Soviet institutions in deep-stagnation 1977, then creating its own successful School in Russia during the wild ‘90s with hosts universities in Moscow, Yaroslavl and Irkutsk. Well done!/


It was great last Friday evening to return to those thrilling days of yesteryear at a dual-anniversary reception, where we were reminded of how & where the School in Russia got its start, took off and keeps flying – and thus of what Russians and Americans can do together for the Good Cause of educating each other if & when they set their minds to it. Rah again!/Eще раз ура!

Congrats to MiddColl, to MCSiR Director Nana Tsikhelashvili and her staff, to the partner institutions here in MOW, YRO and IRK -- and especially to the students, whose continuing commitment to a challenging education during trying times keeps the whole miraculous thing going. Rah cubed!/Ура в третьей степени!

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