Wednesday, May 30, 2018

[EU] Strategic Communications

The Strategic Communications Division ("StratComms") leads the European Union's efforts on the public dimension of European diplomacy and its communication on Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, as well as its external action more broadly.

It works to project and promote key EU policies and core values – respect for human dignity, liberty, democracy, equality, the rule of law and human rights – globally as well as to audiences at home.

StratComms works closely with the European External Action Service and the EU Institutions.

It provides round-the-clock professional support to the High Representative/Vice President in all her press and public diplomacy [JB emphasis] activities.

For this purpose it liaises with the services of the EEAS and the HR/VP's cabinet to develop communication strategies and messages, which it disseminates to stakeholders through different channels.

This includes press relations, web-based communication and social media, speeches, articles, graphic design and audio-visual materials.

It provides the necessary support to the HR/VP's spokespersons, who are administratively based in the Commission Spokesperson's Service (DG COMM-SPP).

StratComms provides tailor-made communications guidance and support to the EU's network of around 140 Delegations and offices around the world, as well as to the EU's Common Security and Defence Policy missions and operations, and is responsible for allocating and ensuring proper control of communications budgets both at headquarters and in the field.

It is also responsible for ensuring timely internal communication to EEAS staff via the intranet and other means, and for organising public diplomacy events and visits in Brussels.

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