Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The “Art of the Deal” and Kim Jong Un: how Donald Trump negotiates

Nate Kerkhoff,; article contains links and additional illustrations

Image from article, with caption: Trump has never as President negotiated with an adversary like Kim Jong Un

The President stakes a lot on his negotiation skills - but will they work on North Korea?

Even before the White House announced Singapore on June 12 as the location and date for the summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and American president Donald Trump, pundits and scholars had been analyzing this historic meeting from all angles. ...

Throw in complete control of internal media by the state, and Kim can easily come away from this summit with no tangible concessions and keep his job. In other words, Kim will not be an easy hostage.

What’s more, he has already pulled off a public relations coup by appearing energetic and humane in the highly-publicized inter-Korean summit. By establishing an affable image and receiving symbolic backing from China through two visits with Xi Jinping in the past month, he has gotten off to a head start in the race for public diplomacy [JB emphasis]. If a meeting with Trump goes sour, the burden will be on the American president. ...

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