Friday, May 25, 2018

Undergraduates benefit from former British prime minister's insights on globalization

Susan Bell,

Gordon Brown shares his perspective on the current crisis in Syria, the 2008 global financial crisis and other major global events, as well as his opinions on the future of our global community.

Image from article, with caption: Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown delivers a lecture to USC undergraduates.

Brown, who first taught at the university in 2015, returned to USC Dornsife this Spring to lead the course “Globalization with Gordon Brown,” delivering eight lectures from March 22 to April 10. ...

Issues students explored during the course included the challenges in creating a globalization that works best for everyone; identifying the main winners and losers from globalization; the impact of China and Asia’s rise; the roles of the United States and Europe; global climate change; the future of global cooperation; and the United Nations and its role in ending world poverty, illiteracy and disease. ...

Jamie Kwong, a senior majoring in international relations with a master’s in public diplomacy [JB emphasis], said Brown had provided thoughtful insight on the challenges globalization presents to international institutions.

“Being able to think through these pressing issues with a leader who has been in the room for these high-level conversations was a once in a lifetime experience,” said Kwong, who joins King’s College London next year on a Marshall Scholarship to pursue a Ph.D. in war studies. ...

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