Friday, January 22, 2016

Column One: Coordinated assault

Caroline B. Glick,

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[W]e are in the midst of a coordinated US-led political offensive against Israel.
How is Israel supposed to defend itself against this coordinated terrorist-diplomatic onslaught? How can Israel keep the Americans and Europeans at bay and deter the Palestinians from murdering its citizens? ...
On the diplomatic front, the government needs to change the focus of its public diplomacy.
The government currently accepts the false claim that the Palestinian terrorist onslaught is being carried out by lone wolves. Its public diplomacy is limited as a consequence to condemning official Palestinian Authority incitement.
This line is wrong and counterproductive.
It lends credence to the false conclusion that the assault is limited and can therefore be overlooked by Westerners eager to attack Israel.
In their public pronouncements, our officials should direct their remarks against Palestinian society as a whole. So too the government should attack the radical Left in Israel and in the West that supports a society that seeks to annihilate Israel, applauds barbarism and kills anyone who wishes to live at peace with Israel. ...

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