Friday, January 22, 2016

Twiplomats and Technorati

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Jan 22, 2016
Trending this week in PD News were stories about digital diplomacy. Headlines showcased the social side of networked communications, exploring its possibilities in both connecting countries and communities in dialogue, and in countering violent extremism. In Africa, foreign ministries are “migrat[ing] en masse to social network sites,” recognizing its potential in three key areas: diaspora diplomacy, networked diplomacyand nation branding, while in China, India and the Middle East, social networking apps such as Grindr have “opened up a new digital frontier for gays” in nations where homosexuality is illegal. Meanwhile in the United States, U.S. President Barack Obama was voted the most powerful world leader on Facebook—followed closely by Indian President Narendra Modi—and Facebook, in partnership with foreign partners in Berlin and London, launched a digital campaign to stop the spread of hate speech and radical ideologies online. 

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