Thursday, August 4, 2016

A comment on the PD Skateboarding Professor

On Skateboarding USC Professor Neftalie Williams, see this Public Diplomacy Review entry (elsewhere he is designated as a lecturer); see also.

Williams image from

Comment on Williams and his craft from an email by a former Department of State employee:
You may think about skateboard diplomacy as a joke, but let me reply - I saw Misty May [see] and Michelle Kwan [see] in Moscow as DOS [Department of State] PD Ambassadors, and they made quite a buzz at that time. I was also lucky to attend the visit of the SECSTATE to the major ice skating school in Moscow, it was a very loud and positive message.
Some world class pro skaters, who came independently to Moscow in 90-ies and later inspired Russian kids to ride. Check a couple of links on skb diplomacy issue.
Image from, with caption: A class field trip to Element headquarters with founder Johnny Schillereff. Courtesy Neftalie Williams

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