Thursday, August 4, 2016

Edward Schumacher-Matos on the Future of Public Diplomacy

"Edward Schumacher-Matos on the Future of Public Diplomacy,"

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Aug 4, 2016
In this August 1st video from C-Span, Edward Schumacher-Matos, director of the Edward R. Murrow Center for a Digital World at Tufts University, discusses the future of public diplomacy for global scholars and practitioners. His talk explores the “existential crisis” affecting news media outlets, governments and public diplomacy practitioners in the era of digitalization; a hypothetical redesign of the U.S. Government’s international communication strategy; and issues of press freedoms and digital governance around the world. This event was sponsored by the Public Diplomacy Council and the USC Center on Communication Leadership & Policy in association with the USC Center on Public Diplomacy. Support was also provided by the American Foreign Service Association.
The video is available here.

[JB - note: On this video. recording a very interesting meeting, your Public Diplomacy Review compiler asks, at the video's very end, a perhaps overly blunt, practical question to the very articulate Professor Schumacher-Matos: How can American universities "get " PD students -- PD courses being, according to the professor, of little interest to students at Fletcher?; see also, if interested.]

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