Friday, March 3, 2017

Diplomatic activities by Oromos in diaspora: Problems and Perspectives

Bayisa Wak-Woya,

Image from linked in, with caption: "Representative of UNHCR in Moscow, Russian Federation"

Public Diplomacy

There is another term called public diplomacy, often used by states in conflictual situations where the civic society from both sides is engaged in bridging existing gaps between two or more nations through joint activities of civilian nature. For example, there is one active public diplomacy going on between Ethiopian and the people of Egypt, involving non-political but active members of the civic society from both sides. It is meant to diffuse the tension between the two countries which resulted from the ongoing construction of Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia. This type of diplomacy normally fits into the overall diplomatic activity of the actors and normally takes place parallel to the political diplomacy. In our case, it is ideal if this part of diplomacy is tasked to the civic society to enlighten respective communities on the plight of the Oromo people. ...

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