Friday, March 3, 2017

China Public Diplomacy Association Marks 4th CAPC Annual Programme

Beijing China, By Bukola Ogunsina,

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The President of China Public Diplomacy Association (CPDA) and former Vice Foreign Minister of China, HE Li Zhaoxing, has emphasised on the friendly relations China and Nigeria share. This he said at the joint opening ceremony of China Africa Press Centre 2017 Programme and the China South Asia & South East Asia Press Center 2017 Programme, hosted by CPDA, on 1st of March.

The ocasion which took place at the Diplomatic Residence Compound’s hall, saw the President of CPDA, Mr Li Zhaoxing welcome the participants. “Just now, our Secretary General mentioned today as the 4th class since 2014. I wish you the best of everything. I wish you a happy work, and a good life here,” he said.

Expressing his profound delight for participation of not just the CSA/SEAPC participants, but African participants as well, the former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs noted that that African countries were a friend to China, further appreciating countries that have supported the ‘One China Policy,’ a policy vital to China.

In his speech, Li acknowledged that Africa and China continue to maintain a stable relationship. He equally pointed out the strong friendly ties between China and Nigeria.

“Nigeria I know is the country with the largest population in Africa. You have been very friendly to China. I have been to Nigeria several times, I know your current capital, as well as your former capital,” he said.

The President further appreciated the support of African countries in assisting China gain UN membership. He advised that as the news of today by journalists becomes the history of tomorrow, we should always learn the news of today, and the message from the history it holds. “I hope you will make a contributuon to our friendship and cooperation,” the President said.

On her part, and in response, Chief Correspondent with LEADERSHIP Newspapers, Foreign Desk, Bukola Ogunsina, from Nigeria, gave the appreciation speech on behalf of the entire CAPC participants. She said, “On behalf of the CAPC participants, we would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful, educative and experience building progranme. It is indeed an honour and privilege.”

“During our lectures at Renmin University of China, Professor Wang Yiwei mentioned that China was complex. China’s complexity, indeed is what makes it a beautiful and intriguing country.”

She further thanked the hosts for their warmth and hospitality, stating that knowledge gained of China would be shared back in their various countries towards a better understanding of China. “For the strengthening of multilateral ties and cooperation, not just between the government of our countries and China, but indeed our people and your people,” she said.

Present at the function were the Deputy President of the CPDA, H.E Gong Jianzhong, Deputy Director General of Information, Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Liu Jin, Counselor, Information Department & Director, Public Diplomacy Office of the Foreign Ministry, Mr. Liu Yutong. Invited guests present also include; The Cameroonian Ambassador in China, the Ugandan Ambassador in China, the Congolese Ambassador in China, and members of the diplomatic corps among others.

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