Friday, March 3, 2017

Eritrean Nationals Abroad Hold Public Diplomacy Activities

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Asmara — Eritrean nationals residing in Switzerland, Sweden, Qatar and South Sudan held public diplomacy activities aimed at promoting the national development endeavors.

The members of the PFDJ branch in Switzerland conducted 6th congress in the city of Burn on 19 February under the theme "Country First".

At the congress, the First Secretary at the Eritrean Embassy in Switzerland, Mr. Adm Osman gave extensive briefing on the objective situation in the homeland, the progress being registered in different sectors as well as the role of Eritreans in Diaspora in the national development programs.

Mr. Sileshi Idris, First Secretary of PFDJ in Switzerland, presented activity report of 2016 and indicated that reinforcing organizational capacity is the priority task for 2017.

In the same vein, the YPFDJ branch in Switzerland also conducted 2nd congress from 24 to 26 February in Martini.

The Chairman of the YPFDJ in Europe, Mr. Zerai Teklai called on the youth to strengthen awareness, bequeath national values and boldly face the conspiracies against the homeland.

The participants expressed readiness to underpin participation in the national development endeavors and support families of martyrs.

At the meeting the members YPFDJ in Doha, Qatar, held on 24 February, Mr. Ali Ibrahim, the Eritrean Ambassador to Qatar, called on the members to strengthen organizational capacity and participate in the national development ventures.

Moreover, members of the YPFDJ in Juba, South Sudan organized a discussion forum on meaning and significance of ideology, correlation of ideology and politics, ideology in Eritrean history as well as on the development and progress of mining in Eritrea.

The YPFDJ branch in Stockholm, Sweden also conducted its congress under the theme "Strengthening Organization for Reinforcing Development and Resilience".

Mr. Yonas Mana, Charge d'Affairs [sic] at the Eritrean Embassy in the Scandinavian countries, gave extensive briefing on the national development programs and their progress and on the significance of reinforcing organizational capacity for better outcome.

In related news, the Eritrean Ambassador to France, Ms. Hanna Simon attended the Communications, Development and Finance ministerial meeting held from 28 February to 01 March in Dakar, Senegal.

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