Friday, June 16, 2017

“I’m afraid for Central Europe. Flirting with Russia is tantamount to a death sentence,” says the historian Lukesh

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UK will survive Brakcet [sic], and America will survive Donald trump. At least, in an interview with says Igor Lukeš, a prominent historian of Czech origin living in the United States. But that’s who he fears is in Central Europe, which was between the millstones of the East and West. ...
— What is the current state of American diplomacy? Say that many important positions in the leadership of the state Department remain vacant, and Rex Tillerson is totally unable to cope with the situation. This limits the ability of diplomats at the talks with foreign partners.

If you examine the project of the American budget, it becomes clear what trump sees the priorities. It significantly increases the defense budget, and the budget on diplomacy, on the contrary, extremely reduces. This speaks to a fundamental misunderstanding of the situation. Diplomacy sidelined, plays the role of Cinderella, although America is in dire need of public diplomacy.

— Then why is this happening?

Because trump, excuse me, primitive man. This is a person who has no practical experience in politics. I’ll go even further and say politics does not interest him. For political activities must possess a number of qualities, one of which is patience. Trump it is not. He thinks he can, like a bulldozer, to overcome any obstacle. Trump worships only one God and his name is testosterone. And the budget looks appropriate. Giving billions to the Pentagon, trump, in his own eyes. But rather, it proves only one thing: he doesn’t understand that needs to do America in this complex world.

So what is the future of diplomacy? Whether it climbs?

She has a good future, because it employs very smart people. Just look at the last two ambassadors in Prague. Generally people who work in diplomacy, I think, the most intelligent and talented. They are really working for the benefit of the United States, whoever is in the White house.

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