Friday, June 16, 2017

Kyiv invites Russian diplomats to a concert in honor of the Crimea

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has invited Russian diplomats to a jazz concert dedicated to the de-occupation of the Crimea, reports UNIAN, citing Anatolii Solovei, the head of the Public Diplomacy Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
It is reported that journalists asked if a representative of the Russian embassy was invited to the jazz concert "Music of Free People" (part of the third OPEN AIR event organized by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
"As far as I know, we sent an invitation to all our fellow diplomats," said Solovei.
He recalled that the first OPEN AIR was held two years ago, in 2015, and was devoted to the topic of the illegal detention of Ukrainian citizens in Russia; last year, the concert was devoted to the adaptation of veterans-participants of the Ukrainian military operation in the Donbas.
"The current OPEN AIR is dedicated to the topic of the de-occupation of the Crimea. We would also like to draw the attention of our fellow citizens, and the attention of the international community," added Solovei.
This event is a sign of solidarity with the Crimean Tatars, and with the Ukrainians who have stayed in the Crimea. Our message that we wanted to show is that we are with them, and that we did not forget about them, we did not forget them; that we are doing everything so that the Ukrainian Crimea is returned,” he summarized.

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