Thursday, July 13, 2017

By Means of Public Diplomacy, MIP Will Shape Positive Public Opinion about Ukraine in the World

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On July 7, Artem Bidenko, State Secretary of the Ministry of Information Policy, took part in the opening of the V Global Ukrainians Forum "Ukraiinski Brendy Stavymo V Trendy" ("Putting Ukrainian Brands into Trends"), devoted to the attraction of investments and the development of cultural diplomacy in Ukraine.
During the official ceremony, Artem Bidenko said that the MIP would achieve the shaping of the positive image of Ukraine by engaging Ukrainians in its projects.
He stressed, "The popularization of Ukraine in the world is carried out, in particular, by means of the UA|TV channel, established by the state. In spite of insufficient funding, we already have excellent results in terms of presence in cable networks in the world.
This is achieved also by means of public diplomacy. So Global Ukrainians expats all over the world can participate and further the development of our international broadcasting."
The participants of the Forum included Ukrainian expats from 20 countries, business leaders, exporters, representatives of cultural and educational initiatives, international journalists, delegates from foreign diplomatic missions in Ukraine, social and public organization activists.
It is recalled that in January 2017 Artem Bidenko, State Secretary of the Ministry of Information Policy, stressed the importance of public diplomacy in the development of state stratcom (strategic communications).
The announcement was made during the round-table talk "Public Diplomacy Network "Global Ukrainians" and Bodies of State Power of Ukraine: From Strategy to Tactical Steps".

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