Monday, July 17, 2017

H E Ali Javed meets professor Michael Jansen from GUtech

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H E Ali Javed, Ambassador of Pakistan to the sultanate [Oman], welcomed at his office recently, professor Michael Jansen, honorary professor for Conservation and Heritage Management at German University of Technology (GUtech).

Having already curated Unesco In’tl Exhibition on ‘Forgotten Cities on Indus’ (1987), served as chief curator Unesco Exhibition for ‘Pakistan Gandhara Art’ (2008) through Europe, Unesco Panel Exhibition, ‘Mohen-jo Daro’ (Paris, 2010), headed Unesco’s Technical Committee on Mohen-jo Daro (2009), professor Jansen shared his vision to globally project Gandhara and Indus Valley Civilisations as powerhouses of Pakistan’s soft-power with global appeal.

Appreciating professor’s services for Pakistan spanning five decades, the ambassador admired his passion for preserving, protecting and projecting Indus Valley and Gandhara Civilisations and praised the professor for establishing ‘Mohen-jo Daro Research Center’ at GUtech (2012), which the ambassador subsequently visited and also met with the rector and vice rector of GUtech in an hour-long session focusing on bilateral cooperation between GUtech and partners in Pakistan.

The ambassador presented to the professor, a copy of Embassy Newsletter, briefed on the spectrum of bilateral relations with Oman, the historical bonds of affinity and kinship between both nations as well as public diplomacy and outreach initiatives. The ambassador also invited the professor to visit Pakistani schools in Oman.

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