Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Putin’s life is in danger – Belgian political scientist [Video] [link to video in entry]

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The West destroys those national leaders whom it is threatened by, so the life of Russian President Vladimir Putin id [sic] at risk. This was stated during a round table dicussion [sic]  “The role of sanctions in relations between Russia and the European Union”, held in Sevastopol, by the Belgian diplomat, director of the Geopolitical Research Center “Euro-Rus”, Chris Roman. ...
On sanctions, he [Roman] said:  
Only half the amount of Belgian pears today are exported to Russia. Now our farmers almost crying, because they are bankrupt. The European Parliament will not lift sanctions, because the EU is the economic arm of NATO, and NATO – a military arm of Wall Street. I do not believe that the political parties can make a difference. We need public diplomacy. It must be said: the European Parliament must go where the sun does not shine.” said Roman. 

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