Saturday, July 1, 2017

US Embassy holds farewell reception for Daniel Fennell

Kate Baaba Hudson,

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THE Embassy of the United States of America (USA) in Accra has organised a farewell reception for its Public Affairs Counsellor, Mr Daniel J. Fennell, at Ridge in Accra.

The reception, which was attended by a number of dignitaries, provided an occasion for friends and colleagues of the counsellor to express appreciation for the role he played and also to wish him well.

In a brief address, the US Ambassador to Ghana, Mr Robert P. Jackson, said “It is a shame” that the embassy will miss Mr Fennell.

He said he was happy to have worked with Mr Fennell, whom he described as well spoken and extremely dynamic.

If it were possible, they would like to continue to have him here in Ghana, but he has to move on in his career and they would have to continue without him, the Ambassador noted.

Public diplomacy

Mr Jackson stressed that he liked Mr Fennell’s public diplomacy and noted that they would miss him.

The wife of the Ambassador, Mrs Babette P. Jackson, said she learnt a lot of things from Mr Fennell, especially things which had to do with culture, including the various Ghanaian dishes.

I got to know about ‘kelewele’ through Mr Fennell and “if we have served ‘kelewele’ here this evening, it’s because of him”, Mrs Jackson noted.

Ghanaian hospitality

For his part, Mr Fennell thanked the ambassador and his wife, the entire American Embassy staff and the officials for the opportunity to work with them

It’s a privilege to have such quality of local team to work with, he noted, adding that it had been great working with all of them.

He said he experienced the rich Ghanian culture and traditions and realised the importance we attached to names.

Mr Fennell said he also learnt in Ghana the various names given when one was born on particular days.

He was proud to have learnt such proverbs in Ghana as, ‘Obi nnim a, obi kyere,’ and ‘kakra kakra akuko benom nsu’.

He said he could not forget his interactions with the people of Jamestown and Bukom and said the Ghanaian hospitality was still there and he was happy for the experience.

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