Sunday, July 2, 2017

Via Facebook from distinguished military officer, dedicated trumpeter, VOA star, and gastronome par excellence Rick Barnes (posted here with his kind ok)

Rick Barnes added a new photo. [Fom Facebook]
22 hrs
OK, so here's a rather unscientific study:
We had some goodies in the fridge left over from the retirement party the other day at the Voice of America. So we put them out for the weekend crew to enjoy.
But we didn't have any bread to make sandwiches. On my way in to work today I stopped at the store and bought two loaves of bread -- one loaf of "100% whole wheat" and one loaf of "country white."
Now, after about two hours, it's easy to see which kind of bread most people prefer (considering the "country white" bread is not even opened and the "100% whole wheat is almost gone).
Also, two side studies:
1. Ham v. turkey v. roast beef? (hint: note that the roast beef is all gone.)
2. Provolone v. American cheese? (note: both stacks started at the same height.)

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