Thursday, July 6, 2017

What’s The Impact of Liberian Contemporary Foreign Policy and Diplomacy in National Development? -Part Three

Josephus Moses Gray,

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Contemporary diplomacy in terms of practice is carry out through several processes such Shuttle diplomacy, Multilateral diplomacy, Public diplomacy, Economics diplomacy, Hi-Tech diplomacy, Conference diplomacy, Instant Media diplomacy and Resident diplomacy which is also called Track diplomacy; Track One refers to the standard form of diplomacy involving negotiations between officials of two or more. ...
Another effective form of diplomacy is Public diplomacy which has grown in the world and in the age of reality TV which is used to mobilize public support, to sustain momentum in negotiations, or to sabotage negotiations by leaking details of concessions contrary to individual preferences. This practice also include [sic] Conference diplomacy has its antecedents in the Eastern Mediterranean in the 4th century. ...

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